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The Union Rooms

Have a campaign you'd like others to apply to? Post here![/presto]
Here’s your chance to advertise yourself! Details stickied within![/presto]
Salutations, from QuestionableTree! by ketsuban
May 9, 2020 2:39:23 GMT
A safe board for off-topic discussions, forum games, and the like![/presto]
PokemonPbP Blood Bowl 2 League? by SinGin
Mar 2, 2017 15:54:17 GMT

Pokémon Freeform

[presto]This area is for those who wish to roleplay without being in a campaign-- plot and design characters in the next board over, then come here and write your heart out![/presto]
Open Dice Roller by Joltz
Dec 2, 2019 12:59:04 GMT
[presto]This area is for those who wish to do freeform battle that has some structure to it! Your hosts are Cwstra, TenabreTrevelian, Revenant, and Zephias. (New image incoming.)[/presto]
Questions and Rulings thread by GM_3826
Jan 13, 2017 20:43:53 GMT

Play-by-Post Resources

Post any Maps, Map accessories, and other useful tips for current and future GMs that you want to share here![/presto]
GM Summer Camp by Mari
Oct 30, 2017 3:53:00 GMT
Need help with developing ideas? Come here for feedback![/presto]
Assault With A Deadly Trainer Class by ketsuban
Jul 8, 2020 19:26:54 GMT
Looking to create new classes, modify existing ones, or offer general homebrew suggestions? Post here![/presto]
PTA Conversion Homebrew by flamefist96
Jun 28, 2020 0:15:11 GMT
Any questions about the forum or the system? Ask here![/presto]
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Seya's PC

DataNinja Avatar
Jun 8, 2021 6:44:41 GMT
People are out there, yes, but if you're looking for a game, sorry to say that things seem to be winding down overall. There's basically been... 3 games in the last 2 years, none of which got off the ground.
singysinger Avatar
Jun 8, 2021 4:55:15 GMT
Hello anyone out there!
LoonyLadle Avatar
Jul 31, 2020 17:55:59 GMT
Does anyone know where the latest Roll20 JSON Exporter for the Fancy Sheet is?
ryumancer Avatar
May 22, 2020 23:59:17 GMT
UwUs into the void...
DJW Avatar
May 14, 2020 2:56:43 GMT
It's very slow, yes. You'll probably finish working on your game before one pops up here, and if you create a recruitment for it you can expect to be swarmed with applicants.
questionabletree Avatar
May 7, 2020 4:47:37 GMT *
New games seem to open up slowly here, but if new people are still welcome, I don't mind waiting around (or working on my own). It looks like there's some useful stuff to browse in the meantime.
ichibi Avatar
Feb 24, 2020 7:31:23 GMT
Joltz Avatar
Dec 25, 2019 11:21:14 GMT
Happy Holidays Poke-EEE-MAN enthusiasts!
lordfhalkyn Avatar
Dec 25, 2019 7:30:23 GMT
Merry Christmas, Pokemon Play by Post community!
DataNinja Avatar
Dec 18, 2019 17:33:11 GMT
Welcome, welcome!
aviscantus Avatar
Dec 18, 2019 14:53:25 GMT
Hi folks! New here and excited to try this place out!
ventix Avatar
Dec 11, 2019 21:47:02 GMT
Joltz Avatar
Dec 11, 2019 19:20:07 GMT
Anyone else here a Hunter x Hunter fan?
Raven Avatar
Dec 3, 2019 1:40:48 GMT
Keep an eye on the recruitment area of this website. They're rare nowadays, but any new games that crop up will show up there. If it's a live game you want though, you're outta luck.
garnolf Avatar
Dec 2, 2019 19:05:30 GMT
but how else do i find games then?
Raven Avatar
Nov 28, 2019 6:17:00 GMT
Sounds to me like they weren't a group you'd want to be part of anyway.
garnolf Avatar
Nov 27, 2019 22:17:34 GMT
i wanted to join a living server on roll20 to learn the system but they ignored my application for 2 weeks then blocked me :(
DataNinja Avatar
Nov 24, 2019 19:37:47 GMT
Basically, GMs post recruitments in the appropriate section, and then players apply to the open games. Unfortunately, there has been a rather... small amount of games posted lately, but there's one currently recruiting right now.
garnolf Avatar
Nov 24, 2019 13:08:10 GMT
How does this site work?
Trixander Avatar
Oct 1, 2019 13:10:32 GMT
Post on the Game Masters Seeking Players page. There are plenty examples there to go off of.